Don’t Worry, We Don’t Bite

I’ve heard it over and over throughout my career as a marketing writer, “I can’t write a sentence.” or, “I know I need a website/brochure/advertising but I don’t know where to start.” or, “I can’t figure out what to say”.

You’re good at what you do and your skills could be almost diametrically opposed to the skills of a marketing writer. There’s no rule that says if you’re good at retail sales, or landscaping, or practicing medicine, you should be good at writing copy that will help grow your business. I can’t do what you do. I can’t open a home design store, or create a water feature for a garden, or take out an appendix. I can, however, listen carefully to the story of your business or profession, capture its essence, then help you communicate its strengths to your potential customers, clients, or patients.

Give it some thought. Couldn’t you use a few new customers?

Maybe a writer could help.

Contact me… we’ll talk.