Back to Work We Go

Heigh ho, heigh ho, summer is fading fast despite our pleas to linger just a bit longer. The garden has that blowsy look with their faded blooms and bending stems. The Monarchs have begun an almost impossible journey to their hibernating trees. It’s time to turn our gaze to cooler nights, falling leaves, and oh right… back to work.

If you’ve neglected your marketing over the summer, or if summer is your busy season and you’re just now beginning to breathe again… pause to re-evaluate your objectives. Is your print advertising working as hard as it should for the money it’s costing you? Is it time to consider adding digital to the mix? Take a good look at your social media plan as well. If your customers aren’t doing Facebook these days, where are they? Instagram, perhaps?

Marketing is the science of knowing your brand inside and out, then putting specific messages in the right places to draw in your most profitable customers. You know your business and I know marketing. Sounds like a great combination.

If you’re seriously looking for help in growing your brand, email me and we’ll talk about it.