Get It Done!

This is not a political blog in any shape, form, or fashion. And… this has been a political season that doesn’t need more commentary from any of us. However, given all the drama that’s gone down, I’ve heard folks say that voting is useless and they’re so disgusted they will stay home on Tuesday.

I wish you wouldn’t. There are more candidates and issues on the ballot than just the race for the future occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There are congressional races as well as candidates for office in your county and town. If you live in the perfect town in the perfect country in the perfect state, well, then stay home. But give me your address, please, so I can move where you are.

Otherwise, get out there on Tuesday and exercise your right and duty to this republic and keeping it intact. We’ve been casting ballots in this country since the beginning and it’s way too soon to stop. So, come Tuesday morning, just Get it Done!