Branding Personified

Have you been watching The Olympics? In addition to seeing the athletes as they strive for gold and enjoying the stunning scenery of Rio de Janeiro, there’s something else for marketers to watch — the penetration of the RIO 2016 brand into every corner of the games. With its bold colors and welcoming curved lines, the logo is easy to spot, particularly as it flies in and out of NBC’s coverage.

But did you notice it in the costumes of the placard bearers leading the gymnastic teams around the venue? Or, on the uniforms of the ever-present assistants at beach volleyball, rowing, and track events? Or even the trash cans along the marathon route? It’s all-pervasive, in a good way.

I’m totally hooked on watching these exceptional athletes give their all in the quest for a medal, but I’m also seeing the principles of marketing reinforced at every level of the events.

The organizers of Rio 2016 deserve a gold medal for branding.