Not “Good” With Words?

People often say they aren’t “good with words”. I love them and love the act of putting them together to express your concepts, describe your business, or sell your products and services. For years, I’ve been choosing just the right words for marketing, sales or corporate identity projects across a wide range of industries.

I’m told that I have an ability to express complex topics clearly and succinctly; a particular advantage when distilling medical content for patient and caregiver education.

In this challenging economic and marketing environment, how can I help you increase your business with great words selected just for you?

Topic Expertise

  • Healthcare and medicine
    • special emphasis on pre-hospital medicine, women’s health, oral care, and patients with special needs
  • Advanced technologies including medical devices and telecommunications
  • Construction/Engineering


  • Print, including brochures, patient education, clinician education, newsletters, white papers,
  • Web, video, social media
  • Speeches, presentations, marketing materials, trade show graphics


  • Getting up to speed quickly on new industries, therapeutic areas, and companies
  • Creation of full marketing packages that include a range of traditional and new media
  • Proposal development
  • Team player with clients, industry experts and others on the creative team
  • Professional attitude about deadlines
  • Unafraid of factories, operating rooms, construction sites