Not Just Another Product Showcase

How you utilize social media on behalf of your brands or services speaks volumes about your company. There are certainly plenty of systems for creating and scheduling the “perfect post” that claim to multiply viewers and create engagement. Consider for a moment that you may not need a system at all.

It seems to me that social media is about caring and sharing, not blogging and bragging. Will your post be helpful to your readers? Can you evoke a feeling in your viewers that will bond them to your brand?

Do your ever ask what they think or how they feel?

When social media works effectively, it’s because something was heartfully shared; whether it’s information, a message about a product or service, or even just video of cute animals doing silly things. Make sure your posts have variety and are not simply a stream of “commercials” for your product or service. The more helpful you can be, the better. So, instead of forcing your posts into a system or rigid calendar, just be yourself, your caring, sharing self.